What is an Agrihood?
Agrihoods are Ecofriendly Master Planned Residential neighborhoods CENTERED around a working farm AND/OR community gardens.

It’s about having an Agricultural Component as the Centerpiece of a Residential Community. Essentially it’s all the benefits of having a farm without the work of maintaining it. We like to call it “Hands Free Farming.”
What’s the Agrihood Lifestyle?
Agrihood Communities offer a simpler and healthy lifestyle where people are mindful of their impact on the environment while focusing on a sense of community.
Do any Agrihoods have businesses within the community?
Some offer shops, restaurants and other amenities within the community. Agrihoods are becoming more and more appealing to a variety of businesses such as dentist offices.
Besides having a farm or community garden, what else do Agrihoods offer?
Agrihoods foster a sense of community as well as connecting residents closer to nature.
Do I need to work on the community farm?
No. Most Agrihoods have a farm manager that tends to the farm. Some offer residents to volunteer their time in exchange for the food the farm produces.
What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture is a system that connects the farmer and residents of an Agrihood by allowing them to subscribe to the harvest of the community farm and/or garden.
Can I have a horse on my property?
Some Agrihoods allow for residents to have horses directly on their property, while others require horses to be boarded in the community stable, if horses are allowed on the property at all.
Why are Agrihoods becoming increasingly popular?
Unlike in your typical neighborhoods, Agrihoods place more of an emphasis on the environment. Nowadays more and more homebuyers are foregoing the golf course communities in exchange for communities surrounded by nature. Agrihoods provide a simpler life connected to nature and neighbors. It’s a feel good concept!