The Aim for North River Farms is to Provide a Holistic Life

To build a thriving ecological village connected to the land and its agricultural legacy is how North River Farms reimagines quality of life. The vision here is to create a multigenerational neighborhood that honors traditions, protects and grows natural resources, fosters imagination, and enhances the beauty and purpose of Oceanside, California.

A community that interweaves neighbors, farms, and a diversity for people to call home.

To Inspire a Healthier Lifestyle

The vision of North River Farms is to enhance the community by providing usable, tangible, and educational space for today's generation, and generations to come.

To inspire a healthier lifestyle by being the catalyst to a new era of agricultural understanding and have a positive impact on the health and happiness of Oceanside and the surrounding communities.

By coexisting with cultivation, generations come together to use the land in a way that’s tangible, educational, beneficial and fun.

Oceanside is Southern California's Ultimate Outdoor Playground

  • Oceanside is the 3rd largest city in San Diego County.
  • The 1985 classic movie “Top Gun” was filmed in parts of Oceanside.
  • Oceanside is a third of the area known as the “tri-city” — Carlsbad & Vista are the other two cities that form the trifecta.
  • The Oceanside pier was first built in 1888, and the second pier was built in 1894. The current pier is the sixth iteration of the wooden beauty.
  • TNT’s dramatic television show “Animal Kingdom” is filmed in Oceanside. The show is also set in Oceanside, but only select scenes are filmed here.
  • Downtown is home to the California Surf Museum, which opened in 1986 and is still going strong to this day.

Committed to Providing Access to The Highest Quality of Life

North River Farms will use agriculture as a catalyst for the neighborhood by incubating small-scale farms and businesses that co-exist with the community — providing benefits to farmers, residents, the local community, and the environment at large

The surrounding neighborhoods will be built into the heart of this community — as schools, tourists, and local residents will have access to events and learning opportunities within North River Farms.

To Sustainability

North River Farms will be a new approach to community — connecting people with each other as stewards of the land using farming and education as a catalyst to change. Oceanside is uniquely positioned to serve as the region’s first opportunity of this kind. One that honors our rich agricultural history while embracing a modern vision of sustainability and connection.

Love Where You Live

This highly sustainable community looks to help reduce the carbon footprint of Oceanside. Design concepts include solar power, rainwater harvesting, grey water systems, energy efficient buildings, natural drainage systems for water efficiency, drought tolerance, edible landscaping, and best practice training for business.

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    Plan Your Visit to North River Farms

    North River Farms can be located on Google Earth- N. River Rd Oceanside, CA 92057

    Only a few miles from some of California's best beaches and surfing spots

    A short drive to the famous Oceanside Pier and an enjoyable dining and shopping experience

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