Why Serosun Farms?

Serosun Farms has a way of drawing energy from natural resources and using eco-friendly programs and practices to prevent land degradation and restore the natural resources back to normal. Serosun Farms is an exciting new Agrihood community full of amenities. Foods available in this community include fresh produce, farm-raised meat, flowers, and a variety of specialty items. Residents and visitors will also make use of different recreational activities including sports facilities, fishing ponds, a playground, an equestrian center, a future swimming pool, a game room, and other events.

Serosun Farms is Dedicated to a Global Cause

Serosun Farms is dedicated to implementing an environmentally sound, sustainable approach to living. The farm develops every element of the community (from the residential housing, agricultural operations, and equestrian center) focusing on sustainable approaches to meet their economic, environmental and social goals. This includes Sustainable farming practices, Green and sustainable building practices, and Soil and water resource conservation. Also included is the utilization of renewable energy resources, innovative land use management, wildlife habitat management and community, cultural and educational programs.

  • The growth of Kane County from virgin prairie to an agricultural- industrial area is a study in the evolution of modern government.
  • At the time of statehood, written records indicate that only Native Americans resided in the area now known as Kane County. However, settlers soon began to take over this land, and resident tribes were forced to the west of Iowa.
  • Kane County continued its rapid growth during the 1900's. The population doubled from 65,000 to 130,000 during the 50-year period from 1890 to 1940.
  • Now the fifth most populous County in the state, Kane County is included in that part of Illinois traveled by French explorers Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet in 1673.

Love Where You Live

An innovative conservation community situated on over 400 acres of picturesque countryside, Serosun Farms combines agricultural preservation and sustainable living with modern luxury and architectural significance. This makes it easy for residents to blend rural charm with high-performance luxury homes with every modern amenity.

While living in Serosun Farms, you will enjoy high-performance homes with superior craftsmanship with the latest technology and green building practices. These homes have breathtaking views from every lot on the property.

No matter who you are; rural homeowners, weekend/second homeowners, the green enthusiasts, or the equestrian enthusiasts, Serosun Farms has something to offer you. Serosun Farms provides a healthier place to live, play, learn, work, and grow both indoors and out. Make a visit to Serosun Farms and receive a warm welcome from this sustainable community!

Dairies to Prairies

John DeWald, developer of Serosun Farms was recently interviewed for the Elgin History Museums documentary Dairies to Prairies. 

Dairies to Prairies tells the story of Elgin’s dairy heritage. It also tells how former dairy farms have come under pressure from suburban development, modern day agriculture and efforts to restore natural prairies. The story is presented through a feature-length documentary film and companion traveling exhibit created by The Elgin History Museum and Grindstone Productions.

The Podcast

Jane Stickland tells the story of how Serosun Farms became an Agrihood just outside of Chicago, IL

Listen to the interview

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    Plan Your Visit to Serosun Farms

    We are located at 45 W 489 Berner Road near Hampshire. Take Plank Road west from route 47. Turn right on Romke and go 1 mile to our entrance on the right.

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