Agrihood Radio Podcast

Our family was first introduced to Agrihoods about four years ago when CBS Sunday Morning aired a featured segment on Serenbe.

It was just after Cash was born and we remember thinking what a cool and unique life experience it would be to raise him in a fun, healthy & socially connected environment with other “Free-Range” kids.

Not only do Agrihood kids acquire an exceptional amount of social skills, they also acquire a whole new appreciation for healthy, clean food and the way it’s grown.

So we began our research, and the more we looked into the concept of Agrihood living, the more we agreed this is the type of lifestyle and environment we want for our son.

So this past summer we set out on a journey to visit different Agrihoods across America.

We spent over seven months traveling over 7,000 miles visiting over twenty Agrihoods in ten different states…including OR, ID, CO, IL, OH, VA, NC, GA, FL and TX.

One of the developers said we probably set some type of world record traveling that many miles and seeing that many Agrihoods within a certain amount of time. Maybe he’s right, but one thing we know for sure is how excited we are to share our journey with you as we continue to discover everything the Agrihood lifestyle has to offer.

Be sure to check out the featured communities on as well as all of our cool videos on our YouTube Channel…Agrihood TV. Agrihood Radio is our new podcast show that brings you everything you want to know about farm to table living.

We look forward to hearing from you as we roll across the country discovering and learning about some of the best Agrihoods in America!

April 14, 2019

Helping Companies Make “What People Want to Eat”- Dr. John Stanton

Episode #6 - Dr. Stanton has been interviewed on CNN, the Today Show, and NBC Nightly News for his notable career in the food industry of over 25 years. On this episode he’s elaborating on the role he played in the documentary “Sustainable.”
April 14, 2019

The Future is Organic- Diana Martin

Episode #5 - Diana Martin from Rodale Institute explains how her company is growing the organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education.
April 14, 2019

America’s Most Technologically Advanced Agri-Community- Collin Pemberton

Episode #4 - Collin Pemberton, Lifestyle Director from Whisper Valley in Austin, TX, gives us a look at the most technologically advanced Agri-Community in America.
April 14, 2019

Author of Whitewash- Carey Gillam

Episode #3 - Carey Gillam from the popular documentary, "The Monsanto Papers" shares an in depth look from the pages of her new book Whitewash, concerning the growing controversy surrounding Roundup.
April 14, 2019

Denver’s New Agrihood Project- Quint Redmond & Jon Fenton

Episode #2 - Quint Redmond & Jon Fenton from Agriburbia provide insight on the vision of Baseline, a new Agrihood about to make a presence in the beautiful state of Colorado.
April 14, 2019

Welcome to Agrihood Radio- What is an Agrihood?

Episode #1 – We’re very excited to be launching what we feel is the world’s first, only & largest online resource dedicated to agrihood living. This is the place for those who want to discover everything the farm to table lifestyle has to offer. Listen to the podcast..